If you’re asking whether starting a new career at 60 years old or older is possible, keep reading!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to change careers at 60 years old. However, those who are late-career face unique challenges (and opportunities) compared to younger job seekers, which you need to be aware of.

Here are a few basic steps for transitioning your career if you are an older worker.

  • Be realistic about your career change goals. To be successful you need to be aware of the realities of the world and the current job market. What is important to you? It is helpful to categorize your career change goals into a few important categories.

  • Find companies that hire older workers. Target and identify those organizations that are open to both older workers and career changers. Many employers pledge to promote equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age. Best jobs over 50 in Canada- Find flexible opportunities (workhoppers.com)

  • Work on your internal confidence. For many of us, job searching can result in a hit to the confidence. So, take the time to identify all your past career accomplishments, and your major career wins of the past. Get comfortable ‘selling yourself’. Practice communicating your experience in a brief yet professional manner that sets you up as one who can add immediate value to a company.

  • Be open to learning. If you fall short of any of the job requirements, look at it as an opportunity to hone your skills. Although you’re not required to check off every item in the job posting, it can help to get closer, particularly if it’s a skill or software you can quickly pick up. There are many on-demand courses available on LinkedIn, which can help counteract any age-related stigma.

This Tip created with input from Career ToolBelt.

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