WorkConnect Success Story

Denise had been unemployed for almost a year before she reached out to WorkConnect. She struggled with mounting financial strain that impacted her mental health and confidence. She was unaware of how to build a comprehensive resume, and she was experiencing challenges in interviews as she tried to properly reflect her background and skillset.

Denise was a mature job seeker and believed she experienced ageism in certain circumstances which created additional barriers to securing employment. She needed help to find a job which would reduce her financial stress. She wanted to stop living in crisis mode.

At WorkConnect, Denise was partnered with a Job Developer who conducted a thorough assessment of her status and needs. They worked together to bring her resume up to industry standards and properly reflect the depth of experience she possessed. Additionally, she was supported daily which helped reframe any negative thoughts that were creating barriers to her success.

“I felt an improved sense of self confidence and positivity, which was one of my biggest accomplishments.”

Denise remained very engaged in the support process; she wasprompt with communications and open to feedback as well. Due to the positive rapport with her Job Developer, coupled withregular check-ins, Denise received a great boost to her confidence.

Denise successfully landed a fulltime position in an administrative role with the Government of Alberta.

“I felt like a success because I was able to put myself out there and do my best. I got a job, and I am now able to meet my financial obligations.”

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